Pfizer/Moderna (i.e. NIH under US President – the patent holder) aren’t sharing their vaccine recipe because they need to protect the mRNA platform, quite separately from the debate over proliferating vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 in the context of saving lives in the Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s possible the big pharmaceutical corporations don’t object to letting poor countries make their own vaccines. The problem is with sharing the mRNA platform itself – specifically – because it is a multipurpose technology way beyond targeting spike proteins with potential for revenue streams that dwarf the billions made from SARS-CoV-2.

The mRNA platform has myriad uses as a cancer delivery drug, which is perhaps the biggest prize in medical science – a bonanza of incalculable trillions that could roll on and on for decades. This is why the patent isn’t going to be shared. It won’t be shared until the technology can be shared in a way that doesn’t open access beyond targeted Coronavirus usage. The vaccine corporations will doubtless be working on a nerfed version. If they find it, there will be a mainstream media fanfare of “patent sharing”; and a feeding frenzy over much unearned but irresistible political capital.

Rosa Luxembourg (Berlin 1919)



Coronavirus has been a learning experience, whether we wanted the lesson or not. We’ve seen more of society’s grim underbelly than anyone could’ve expected; or wanted to know. And these things once experienced can’t be unseen: the brutal duplicity of politicians, craven media subordination to corrupted organs of official power, brutal self-obsession on parade in our communities, neighbours fighting over toilet paper in our local supermarkets…

It is overwhelming trying to parse clarity from the maelstrom of #infowars, layer after layer of competing influence, internecine agenda and chains of events – and motives colliding, colluding, elliding, occluding… all the way down.


In the end, the formula for what our governing authorities do is very simple. Their true aim, let’s not forget, is continuous upward wealth transfer – from taxpayer and treasury to the elite stakeholders and the corporate donor class (same people mostly).

Day to day the job of plutocratic government is to manage the most profitable balance of immediate, ongoing and future revenue extraction with consolidating short-term authority and long-term power – without either power or profit facing disruption by mob insurrection. The management formula includes certain precepts: minimum spending on social provision, maximum upward wealth appropriation, and a merciless exploitation of the public for as much work (precarity), as much money (austerity) and as much debt (liquidity) as possible.

Play each and every official government-CDC-FDA public health decision through the above formula. It is the ubiquitous explanation for the past two years of pandemic opportunism, from the first headlines about Wuhan and cruise ships infected by a novel coronavirus in February 2020 to the latest Christmas 2021 clickbait peddling booster vaccines against hyper-infectious Omicron variants.

Every authoritarian mandate, every prophylaxis omission, every sledgehammer censorship, every single inexplicable announcement by celebrity public servants, every blatant contradiction, every one of Fauci’s weird never acknowledged lies, every hypocritical mismatch between what’s said and what’s actually done e.g. Joe Biden calling on rich countries to “share advanced vaccine technology with the world!” followed by zero sharing despite the President’s absolute right (and Bayh-Doyle authority) to do so. Pandemic handling has been totally consistent from the start.

Policy, legislation, strategy, official propaganda, media messaging, political polarizations, inexplicable yet relentless team loyalty division; everything serves the same elite power centers, enriching the same corporate stakeholders, shaking down the same working and middle class Americans, mercilessly bankrupting the same unreported cracker and ethnic precarity, etc etc.

Isn’t the evil game obvious to everyone?

It sure oughta be by now.