Isn’t it suspicious, the way these cancel pile-ons work?

  • It’s always directed against targets at their most vulnerable moments, driven by business cycle opportunism (maximum financial leverage) against ‘transgressions’ that look like an authentic quest for justice but get thrown aside, replaced by completely new ones if the old attack vector doesn’t hit hard enough.
  • It’s always the same gaggle of PAC celebrities, partisan footsoldiers, useful idiots and a lot of bots/amplifiers to direct organized waves of condemnation to scheduling managed by viral marketing expertise.
  • There’s never sincere engagement with the chosen target and the transgressions are always misrepresented, stripped of context, presented in tabloid style for maximum outrage and served up as good guys against bad guys for so the worst instincts of justice warriors get a no-brainer choice which side to pile-on with.
  • Despite the apparent zeal to punish the transgression, the justice-seeking activists NEVER get diverted from the ‘official’ target to hold any other transgressors accountable, no matter how many WORSE offenders pass their crosshairs.
  • Outside of spaces dominated by professional social media and corporate or partisan media circles, the OVERWHELMING support from real, regular members of the public will be for the target of the witch-hunt.
  • The outrage of the professional partisan activists will be deaf to discussion, disinterested in nuance and context, hostile to sincere attempts at mature reasonable conversation.
  • The pile-on activists will always double down on the most uncharitable, mean-spirited, inexplicably dogged mania for execution vehement in justification specifics yet instantly adaptive to new justification (if convenient), just as vehement.
  • Supporters of the cancellation target will always appear less unequivocal because their defence is genuine, susceptible to explanation.
  • Partisan activists will be strident, slogans flying, unburdened by the need for explanation because no thought needs to be wasted once the pile-on is underway.
  • Supporters, because their involvement is personal and authentic, will understand the difference between – for example – making a funny offensive joke and making an intentional offensive statement.
  • Pile-on mobs will never see the difference because they’re irrelevant: the partisan witch-hunt isn’t rooted in the transgression, it’s driven by the bloodlust (of the followers) and the cancel target takedown (of the organizers).

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