The Devil’s Bargain: Voting Rights or Voting Choice?

Building on years of Republican voter discrimination laws in the state legislatures, Democrat lawmakers are trying to force a Devil’s bargain on the American people – presenting a raft of federal voting rights legislation and insisting it must pass if we want to save our democracy. The Devil’s bargain is simple. Accept an omnipotent party duopoly in exchange for your right to vote. Because our cunning political class has found a new way to turn years of partisan erosion of voter rights at the state-level into fuel for a far more pernicious erosion of voter choice by extirpating all potential challenges to the Red-Blue duopoly’s absolute, unaccountable and indefinite hold on power.


Government policy, corporate oligopoly, legislation, assent manufacturing strategy, official propaganda, loyal media messaging, political polarisations, inexplicable yet relentless demands for team loyalty, public atomisation and division; everything serves the same elite power centres, enriching the same corporate stakeholders, shaking down the same working and middle class citizens, mercilessly bankrupting the same unreported cracker and ethnic precarity, etc etc. Isn’t the evil game obvious to everyone? It sure oughta be by now.


Mindful of the need to manufacture consent, neoliberal government – itself a professional class from the same collegiate background as postmodern academics – wields culture as a litmus (and loyalty test) of citizen right-thinking. Identity politics, race and gender essentialism, repurposed CRT, cancel culture, a caricature of woke-ism: rooted in legitimate opposition to generational corruption but weaponised by an unholy corporation of postmodern-neoliberal elites not in the service of equality or justice but for the consolidation of power.


Since its unholy convergence with neoliberal corporate-statism in the latter decades of the 20th-century, academic postmodernist thinking has spread from the universities and colonised the credentialed institutions to the point of almost total cultural dominance over civil society. Most of the traditional engines of right and wrong are in thrall to a median dollars-and-cents orthodoxy modelled on the same postmodernist verities. To achieve this corporatisation of the expert class it has been necessary to professionalise the pursuit of knowledge itself, to legitimise centralised consensus as the exclusive arbiters of truth, as if the modus operandi of the monolith is objective learning by independent merit rather than vocational networking by interdependent monopoly. It could have been otherwise. Society didn’t need to become a lanyard oligopoly. But as the complete extirpation of outliers and non-conformists gets closer, so too does a coda of permanent cultural bankruptcy.


Winston Smith, in Orwell’s 1984, wrote “if there was hope, it must lie in the proles” but this is wrong. Cultural renaissance – that is to say, a revitalisation of genuinely diverse liberalism including the essential respect for disruptive genius – will only come from a critical mass of comfortable, educated individuals with something to lose finding the courage to fight back. Will this happen? It’s not looking likely. If you know a little history, you’ll know it has never happened before.

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Perhaps, as stoics and existentialists suggest, the most sensible “added” purpose of the middle years through to old age is the coding of a safe shutdown tailored to the peculiarities of an individual mind. Let me be human (for once) and say – while I’ve still got energy to say it loud enough – fuck you, fuck you future EOF, fuck you future me. You know I love you, I don’t need caveats, but fuck coding safe shutdown against the deliquesce to the EOF. If for no other reason than simple disagreeable perversity. Feel free to call that hope.

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Alcoholic blackout is an extreme corollary of cognitive dissonance (i.e. separation of contradictory realities) required by the mind’s executive function to stay coherent, to disassociate from the neurological divergence created by the irreconcilable biochemistry of personality between the sober and altered state brain. It becomes more pronounced as more time is spent drunk in altered state, as evidenced by older alcoholics reaching blackout faster, getting drunk quicker, etc.


On the whole there’s agreement, in civilised society, on bigotry, racism, prejudice, isolationism, and unadulterated capitalist greed as evil, corrosive forces. Surely this was so obvious, nearly every British citizen was on the same page? Hadn’t the 1997 Labour landslide shown this progression? Wasn’t Europe as a whole – having permanently rejected centuries of idiotic wars home and abroad -evolving towards transnational free movement of people with enshrined universal human rights? Wasn’t the UK one of the key signatories; a defining force and central participant in this fundamentally optimistic project? We had thought these questions settled, by clear consensus on those objective principles of human society: equality, liberty, fraternity. We had assumed the leftover bigots were an anachronism, sidelined, on the way out. We were wrong.


“Western” culture faces an existential threat. After a few hundred years of retreat in the face of liberalism and social democracy, technology and centralisation of power is revitalising an Anglo-American oligarchy of neo-feudal lineage and billionaires. The restoration of elite monopoly on power can only be achieved by subordinating the middle class, and in particular non-conforming, non-compromising exponents of education-freedom-equity i.e. individuals and NGO organisations not yet committed to corporate state postmodernist consensus. To this end a war on two fronts: an authoritarianism fighting to control the centres of power and, in service of the oligarchy interests, a mobilising of the working class through a mix of surveillance tech, mass media training and – always looming – the threat of precarity.

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In a flash I understood the Truth that’s been hidden since the first fireside stories were told by our ancestors in a bright little scatter of migrating hope across the howling African night of the Rift Valley savannah. We expect salvation to be a source of something profound and powerful. Peace. Certainty. Sanctuary, maybe? But there was no serenity, no overwhelming bliss or joy in the saviour I saw. This being, whom scripture teaches us to perceive as God, an omnipotence without equal, was the exact opposite of potent. Jesus Christ, Siddhartha Gautama, Jahweh, Allah, Krishna, whichever your chosen form of God: He was alone, vulnerable, and desperately fragile. He was the one needing to be saved; by me.

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