Descent Into Alienation

It’s nobody’s fault you’ve thought your way through all the smokescreens, misdirections, confirmation biases, social cognitive dissonances, confusion narratives, utilitarian myths and spurious explanations proliferating the cultural imagination of your lineage.

But is there nothing beyond the vanity fair maelstrom? Is that the root of an alienation that never goes away?

Forever War (1946-20??)

9/11 (2001)

Invasion of Afghanistan (2001)

  • In late 2001, the United States, supported by its corporate-state allies, invaded Afghanistan and ejected the Taliban government from Kabul. The invasion was sold to a shellshocked public as a mission to dismantle al-Qaeda (punishment for Sept 11) after media messaging had shifted to link the Taliban with providing a safe base for al-Qaeda and refusing to hand over Osama bin Laden without due process.
  • The United Kingdom was a key ally of the United States, offering support for military action from the start of preparations for the invasion. It followed the Afghan Civil War’s 1996–2001 phase between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance groups, which resulted in the Taliban controlling 90% of the country by 2001. The invasion became the first phase of a 20-year long US-led occupation and resource extraction from the country.

Jingo (2001-2004)

  • George W Bush public address on 11th September 2001.
  • CBS talking heads on cluck about George W Bush visiting “Ground Zero” post-September 11
  • Homeland Security Act of 2002 introduced by the George W Bush administration in confused, shellshocked aftermath of September 11 attacks. It was cosponsored by 118 members of Congress and passed the Senate 90–9, with one Senator not voting.

Antiwar March Futility (2003)

Invasion of Iraq (2003)

  • The 2003 invasion of Iraq was the first stage of the Iraq War. The invasion phase began on 19 March 2003 and 20 March 2003 and lasted just over one month, including 26 days of major combat operations, in which a combined force of troops from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland invaded Iraq.

“Nowhere Else To Go” (2004-?)

Countryside Alliance (2004)

  • Protest movements. Mass marching.
  • Millions of bubbleworlds, performing without interacting.
  • Keeping Away From The Dirty Proles.

FOXHUNTING BAN (2004-2005)

  • Hunting Act (2004)
    • UK Parliament (House of Commons: 339 to 155) towards the end of Tony Blair’s Labour government second term passes the Hunting Act (2004) banning bloodsports like fox hunting buoyed by supermajority public support, despite objections and protests by Countryside Alliance.
    • Benign, well-meaning, sincere. Not the actions of a rapacious corporate-oligarchy, exploiting a population for maximum profit.
    • And yet, the health outcome data is only expressible in terms of “denormalising” smoking, how many fewer people smoke, how much less smoke is found in pubs and bars.
    • While it’s true the smoking ban reduced cigarette smoke pollution in pubs and bars by an enormous amount, this reduction runs parallel to a reduction in patron footfall.
    • Less people are going to socialise in pubs and bars. Closures are ubiquitous. No private members club exceptions.
    • Smoking ban is one of many factors in this shift away from public square to public-facing social media but these cultural and legislative forces are inter-connected and cross-dependent.

SMOKING BAN (2006-2007)

  • Health Act (2006)
    • UK Parliament passes the Health Act (2006) at the start of the third Labour term of Tony Blair’s government.
    • Across England the smoking ban in (pubs, bars, offices, restaurants, clubs, private members buildings) took effect on 1 July 2007. Key dates 1962-2021 in UK Tobacco Regulation per ASH PDF document.
    • BHF.ORG report (2018) assessing the health benefits data from ten years after UK smoking ban, per British Heart Foundation SMOKING BAN TIMELINE.


  • Blair to Brown
  • Brown at the G7 All Smiles

Financial Crises (2007-2014)

Market Meltdown (2007-2008)

  • Orator, Promiser, Historical Interloper
  • Owned by the Banks
  • Owned by the Neoliberal War Machine
  • Owned by American Plutocracy
  • Owned by, or Part Owner? Ambiguity and Sociopathic Foreign Plunder
  • Waking Up The Identarian Left

Barack Obama (2008-2016)

  • Orator, Promiser, Historical Interloper
  • Owned by the Banks
  • Owned by the Neoliberal War Machine
  • Owned by American Plutocracy
  • Owned by, or Part Owner? Ambiguity and Sociopathic Foreign Plunder
  • Waking Up The Identarian Left

Occupy Wall Street (2008)

  • Brainless egomania.
  • Neoliberal policy attack vector.
  • Selling out.
  • Identity Politics Weaponized!

David Cameron / Nick Clegg (2010)

  • Gordon Brown (Labour) loses election to Conservatives (David Cameron) and Liberal Democrats (Nick Clegg). The latter enter into coalition, wholly monopolised by Conservatives.
    • Why did Labour lose?
    • Why did the LibDems improve enough to be in Coalition?
    • How did the Conservatives turn three consecutive landslide losses into Tory back at Number 10?
  • Promises of the Coalition.
  • Realignment of the Opposition.

Student Fees Faggot March (Nov/Dec 2010)

Multiple marches during the Winter 2010 in London against paradigm shift in the student funding / tertiary education model in the UK, in direct contradiction of the LibDem party manifesto that had led to an unprecedented increase in voteshare and a coalition government David Cameron’s centre-right Conservative Party after the 2010 General Election.

Alternative Vote (2011)

  • Mass media collusion confusion.
    • Newspapers
    • BBC/ITV
    • Channel4/Alternative Mainstream
    • Political Party Closing Ranks
  • Results, a landslide NO, singularly informative about public propaganda overwhelmingly effective. Vote Leave spark is lit.

London (2012)

  • Stub.
  • Olympics.

Idiocracies (2014-?)

Vote Leave (2015)

  • Advanced Psychometrics and Data Weaponization.
  • Might versus Right versus Algorithmic Insight.
  • Demonizing Otherness. Activating Fearporn. Validating Ethnonationalism.

Tory Rule (2015)

  • Manifesto Promises, David Cameron Hubris.
  • Plundering the Kingdom.

Brexit (2016)

  • Vote Leave Promises, Conflations, Wedge Issues, Psychometrics.
  • Dominic Cummings and Co.
  • Boris Johnson v David Cameron: schism in the heart of darkness.
  • Inadequate Bullshit “Remain” Marchers.

Neoliberal Clinton – Social Democrat Sanders (2015)

  • The Neoliberal Clinton Machine.
  • Democratic Primaries.
  • DNC Cheating.
  • Wikileaks, Obama, Hiliary Clinton Sociopathy.
  • Divisive Pantomime.

Jeremy Corbyn Labour (2015-2019)

  • Labour-Neoliberal Schism.
  • Socialism Cardigan Cannon Fodder.

Donald Trump (2016)

  • President Election November 2016.
  • Alt-Right, Far-Right, Christian-Right or Celebrity Wrecking Ball?
  • Supreme Court
  • Military Industrial Complex Hobbling
  • Domestic Terror Surveillance State

Parliament (2017-2019)

  • Stupidity.
  • Intransigence.
  • Decency Snubbed.

Boris Johnson Conservatives (2019-2020)

  • Fantasy Bullingdon Methodology Works.
  • Opposition Atomized: Pointless, Deaf, Privilege.

Plunderland (2021)

  • Stub.
  • Grift.
  • Distrust.
  • Pandemic.
  • Yawn.