From the shameless DNC cheating in 2016 – to hobble Bernie Sanders and gift Democratic Party nomination to corporate-militarist Hillary Clinton – through the hysteria of four years Trump hypernormalization, to the Democratic Party’s rigged 2020 primaries forcing senile Joe Biden across the finish line: every engagement in the recent history of American Left internecine has been won by the Corporate State duopoly.

In part, the success of Corporate Democrats is a consequence of money; buying exposure, buying endorsement, buying command of media messaging. This will always disadvantage would-be Progressives.

But, conversely, Corporate State victory depends on winning out at very particular pressure points – specific moments in a campaign, key votes, pivotal political decisions, key civic actions – where the anti-corporate candidate can only be beaten by particularly high-risk strategy of Establishment cheating and, typically, Progressive self-sabotage. Think naive compromise in Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton, heel-turn corruption in Krystin Sinema blocking healthcare legislation, hypocritical cooption like Ocasio-Cortez simpering about Mamma Bear Pelosi while voting her into the Speaker’s Chair for another term.

Pressure points share a common denominator and identifying them in advance is critical. The pressure point is always an instance of high-stakes public-facing ideological collision, where the advocates of popular Progressive truth – whether it’s a politician, a voter, an activist – can force a fight between moral superiority and the amoral interests of entrenched opposition. Money still factors in these fights but the balance tips in favour of the Progressive when public good, honesty and action reputation come to the fore. An army of highly salaried gatekeepers work night and day to keep pressure points off the table but, as the Corporate State knows, these are the instances of natural Progressive victory unless the donor class gambles with potentially on-record collusion, exposing hypocrisy and outright rule-breaking.

“Failure to exploit the opportunity inherent in a pressure point equals failure to win (or exercise) power.”

Here are the some of the pressure points from the 2020-2022 term of American Left emasculation:

  • 2020 Primaries – Marginal Candidates – Iowa/Nevada Cheating
  • Dem Debate Bullshit X – MSM Sidelining
  • Sanders v DNC-Obama-Clinton-Buttigieg-Klobuchar
  • Elizabeth Warren Weaponized Identity
  • Biden-Clyburn-Obama SC
  • #ForceTheVote
  • Nina Turner v Jim Clyburn
  • Buffalo India Walton Byron Brown Write-In
  • Nevada Progressives
  • CA Single Payer

For Progressives to win power, they must look forward to and, ideally, engender future pressure points. Exploiting the pressure point is essential for genuine Progressives to succeed against the interests of the donor class duopoly. They must recognize that “compromise” at a pressure point is a recipe for self-sabotage, corruption and cooption. They must anticipate propaganda and dirty tactics that cross the line into criminality.

In short, Progressive success will only come from exploiting pressure points in the public square, in taking a loud and unflinching stand – carpe diem[seize the day] fiat justitia[let right be done] – against the hydra of entrenched power. Nothing else will disrupt the Democratic Party’s well-oiled Corporate State monopoly. Nothing else has a chance of wresting power from the exploitation-enrichment machinery of the donor class elite.