The dangerous subtext of a thousand groups discussing the ‘line’ in comedy or whether a joke was offensive or not or judging someone’s behaviour based on review of past performance: everything is seen by everyone, expect all you say and do to be seen by everyone else. The basic assumption is zero privacy, zero boundaries, universal surveillance and permanent storage of everything surveilled. Well, fuck that!


Everything in a Plutocracy – or among Oligarchs in a de facto Feudal State (de jure democracy notwithstanding) comes from the twin dictates of extracting profit (which includes minimizing all expenses, reducing risk towards zero) and evading accountability (which includes consolidating influence, no censure, no backlash, absolute unchallenged status, reducing any cost to power towards… Continue reading POTEMKIN POLITICS: PLUTOCRATS, PROFESSIONALS AND THE PROLETARIAT

Pandemic Audit: Dishonesty? Incompetence? Corruption?

This is the two year anniversary of the World Health Organisation declaring SARS-CoV-2 a global pandemic. For my own clarity of mind and in deference to the personal seriousness of condemning government as corrupt on such a hot button politicized issue, I’m going to run through the timeline of February 2020 to February 2022. Is it incompetence? Are they dishonest? Is there an agenda that supersedes (contradicts) duty of care? Or are there elements of all three, and if so, to what extent? These questions can only be answered by an audit of the chain of events that undermined, exposed and eventually destroyed my faith in government, public health and the cabal of pandemic officials. So here goes.


Every engagement in the recent history of American Left internecine has been won by the Corporate State duopoly. In part, the success of Corporate Democrats is a consequence of money; buying exposure, buying endorsements, buying command of media messaging. This will always disadvantage would-be Progressives. But, conversely, Corporate State victory depends on winning out at very particular pressure points – specific moments in a campaign, key votes, key civic actions – where the anti-corporate candidate can only be beaten by particularly high-risk strategy of Establishment cheating or by the candidate’s own self-sabotage (naive compromise, heel-turn corruption, hypocritical cooption). Identifying those pressure points in advance, to force the ideological clash public while militating against cheating; and then making a fiat justitia stand against anti-democratic entrenched interests is the only route to genuine Progressive success against the self-serving agenda of Corporate Democrats, the duopoly and the permanent donor class.


In a flash I understood the Truth that’s been hidden since the first fireside stories were told by our ancestors in a bright little scatter of migrating hope across the howling African night of the Rift Valley savannah. We expect salvation to be a source of something profound and powerful. Peace. Certainty. Sanctuary, maybe? But there was no serenity, no overwhelming bliss or joy in the saviour I saw. This being, whom scripture teaches us to perceive as God, an omnipotence without equal, was the exact opposite of potent. Jesus Christ, Siddhartha Gautama, Jahweh, Allah, Krishna, whichever your chosen form of God: He was alone, vulnerable, and desperately fragile. He was the one needing to be saved; by me.

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Let’s define an individual consciousness as a distinct self-aware identity passing through a succession of moments in time. It is your locus of spatiotemporal sensation (i.e. limbic-reality experience, memory-echo experience) parsed through the brain-prism of cerebral disposition (memory). The “self” is convincing to “itself” by its very nature, and we feel it subjectively as a linear continuity, aligned with the arrow of time. But what if consciousness is a staccato frame-rate that seems continuous only because memory is ontologically persistent and the experiential narrative is spatiotemporally consistent – and therefore neurologically predictable? What if the brain works faster than the frame-rate required for the impression of quotidian conscious identity?

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