The dangerous subtext of a thousand groups discussing the ‘line’ in comedy or whether a joke was offensive or not or judging someone’s behaviour based on review of past performance: everything is seen by everyone, expect all you say and do to be seen by everyone else. The basic assumption is zero privacy, zero boundaries, universal surveillance and permanent storage of everything surveilled. Well, fuck that!

Pandemic Audit: Dishonesty? Incompetence? Corruption?

This is the two year anniversary of the World Health Organisation declaring SARS-CoV-2 a global pandemic. For my own clarity of mind and in deference to the personal seriousness of condemning government as corrupt on such a hot button politicized issue, I’m going to run through the timeline of February 2020 to February 2022. Is it incompetence? Are they dishonest? Is there an agenda that supersedes (contradicts) duty of care? Or are there elements of all three, and if so, to what extent? These questions can only be answered by an audit of the chain of events that undermined, exposed and eventually destroyed my faith in government, public health and the cabal of pandemic officials. So here goes.


Every engagement in the recent history of American Left internecine has been won by the Corporate State duopoly. In part, the success of Corporate Democrats is a consequence of money; buying exposure, buying endorsements, buying command of media messaging. This will always disadvantage would-be Progressives. But, conversely, Corporate State victory depends on winning out at very particular pressure points – specific moments in a campaign, key votes, key civic actions – where the anti-corporate candidate can only be beaten by particularly high-risk strategy of Establishment cheating or by the candidate’s own self-sabotage (naive compromise, heel-turn corruption, hypocritical cooption). Identifying those pressure points in advance, to force the ideological clash public while militating against cheating; and then making a fiat justitia stand against anti-democratic entrenched interests is the only route to genuine Progressive success against the self-serving agenda of Corporate Democrats, the duopoly and the permanent donor class.


Mindful of the need to manufacture consent, neoliberal government – itself a professional class from the same collegiate background as postmodern academics – wields culture as a litmus (and loyalty test) of citizen right-thinking. Identity politics, race and gender essentialism, repurposed CRT, cancel culture, a caricature of woke-ism: rooted in legitimate opposition to generational corruption but weaponised by an unholy corporation of postmodern-neoliberal elites not in the service of equality or justice but for the consolidation of power.


Perhaps, as stoics and existentialists suggest, the most sensible “added” purpose of the middle years through to old age is the coding of a safe shutdown tailored to the peculiarities of an individual mind. Let me be human (for once) and say – while I’ve still got energy to say it loud enough – fuck you, fuck you future EOF, fuck you future me. You know I love you, I don’t need caveats, but fuck coding safe shutdown against the deliquesce to the EOF. If for no other reason than simple disagreeable perversity. Feel free to call that hope.

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Alcoholic blackout is an extreme corollary of cognitive dissonance (i.e. separation of contradictory realities) required by the mind’s executive function to stay coherent, to disassociate from the neurological divergence created by the irreconcilable biochemistry of personality between the sober and altered state brain. It becomes more pronounced as more time is spent drunk in altered state, as evidenced by older alcoholics reaching blackout faster, getting drunk quicker, etc.


It’s not everyday an individual manages to think his/her way through all the smokescreens, misdirections, confirmation biases, social cognitive dissonances, confusion narratives, utilitarian myths and spurious explanations proliferating the cultural imagination of their lineage. But it’s fair to ask, if you’re one of those individuals face to face with the unknown, uncharted future: is there nothing beyond the selfish maelstrom of the vanity fair? Is the root of adult alienation the long drawn out death knell of anticlimax and disappointment, that once it is heard never goes away?

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I suspect the resentment comes from not reconciling the loss of life story with the impersonal truths of maturing conscious existence: that the stories weren’t invented to make a fool of you but got evolved by generations of other human beings as natural coping mechanisms, ways to make sense of shared experience, to steer the majority as best could be managed for the sake of the lineage, from cradle to grave. It’s nobody’s fault there’s nothing beyond the vanity fair. Nothing, that is, but kindness, duty and a daily drift towards terminal irrelevance.

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