NOTE: Thoughts on Alcoholics versus Social Drinkers. Mere Speculation.

Alcohol creates a divergence in the biochemistry of brain-state. This divergence is included in the impression of brain-state experience as it’s parsed into memory, as experienced through the sober or the pished up iteration of your personality. These memories build over time, like drops of moments-in-time falling into a vat of impressions, coloured according to brain-state biochemistry. Think of it as if (over-simplified into) sober and drunk coloured drops.

Over time, the amount of altered brain-state colour in the vat of memory becomes significant enough to render the divergence in two increasingly distinct versions of the consciousness blipvert. The personality manifested out of the codex of stories diverges further and further from the personality of sober normality. Eventually a complete schism devolops. Hello alcoholic! Hello black-out! Hello Jeckyl and Hyde!

The schism is a corollary of the executive’s need for consistency (accord) from the codex of stories. It is an extreme weaponisation of cognitive dissonance (i.e. separation of contradictory realities) to stay coherent, to disassociate from the neurological divergence between the irreconcilable biochemistry of personality in the sober and altered state brain.

Perhaps the blocking out of certain childhood trauma works the same way?